A man, sitting in a dark room, broods over his past good and sad days and how he was able to overcome the sad ones when he

had fallen in love with a woman. But, that good time also didn’t last long. Just after that he lost his job, too.

Consequently, he makes up his mind to kick the bucket but, at last, accepts life as it is and moves, so to speak, towards
the dim lights at the end of a tunnel.

Double thought process has been used in the film. Moreover, loosely based on ‘The Cold Heaven’ by W.B.Yeats, the film
follows the ‘stream of consciousness’ genre, tries to touch the workings of a mind jarred by misfortunes one upon another,
and how it obliterates them at long last.

Director & Writer:
Purnendu Dey

Debjyoti Ganguly
Paramita Kundu
Abhijit Kundu
Yuvajoti Kundu
Swarnendu Kundu
Prabir Kumar Chattopadhyaya
Samrat Dey
Sandipan Das
and Others…

Sandip Dasgupta
Gopal Dey

Subho Dey

First Assistant Director:
Goutam Kundu

Second Assistant Director:
Sayan Bannerjee

Art Direction:
Goutam Kundu
Purnendu Dey

‘Stream of Consciousness’

Bongo Saptak

Filmed on Locations:
Kolkata, Barrackpore, Sealdah, Barasat
West Bengal, India

Special Thanks to:
Thoughtshop Media House
Sandip Dasgupta
Shirshendu Kundu
Prabir Kumar Chattopadhyaya
Nilima Kunja Apartment Community

Loosely Based on:
‘The Cold Heaven’ by W.B.Yeats

Noirealist Films


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