Birth of a Story (2016) Short Film by Purnendu Dey



Three characters, from three different time periods, different levels of existence and different locations, are in the throes of birth and death. Though they are in search of their existence and they are at war for it, yet life seems all the more elusive. But, one thread binds them all together: a story’s birth.

The story’s premise is the coming into being of three non-entities whose association is indispensable for a ‘story’ to take ‘birth’ and the grand design of synthesis that flows in proper directions along the length and breadth of a story to give it it’s existential touch.

Statement of the Director on the Film:

We who have life aim to take it to even higher levels of comfort and significance and draw out the sap from it as much as we can. But, what about those who have no life or existence yet, but are still craving for the same earnestly? With their entities hanging in the balance, they are trying out every possible opportunity to be born.

The race for existence cuts across the living, the non-living, the physical, the mental, the visible, the invisible and whatever there can be and cannot be. The film shows, in the light of the ‘Literature of the Absurd,’ the plight of three non-characters striving to be characters.

Writer & Director:
Purnendu Dey

Abhijit Kundu
Purnendu Dey

Gopal Dey
Babu Kundu

Subho Dey

First Assistant Director:
Goutam Kundu

Second Assistant Director:
Abhijit Kundu

Art Direction:
Goutam Kundu

Science Fiction (‘Theatre of the Absurd’)

Music, Sound:
Bongo Saptak

Story & Screenplay:
Purnendu Dey

Subho Dey

Sanku Kundu
Kotey Kundu
Ananya Dey

Ananya Dey
Subho Dey

Year of Production:

Goutam Kundu
Joydeep Sen
Nilotpal Roy
Kanoj Das
Ananya Dey

Purnendu Dey

Subho Dey

Production Design:
Subho Dey

Director of Photography:
Babu Kundu
Gopal Dey

Filmed on Locations:
Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Special Thanks to:
Samuel Beckett
Harold Pinter
Joydeep Sen
Nilotpal Roy
The Oxford Dictionary
The Merriam Webster Dictionary
Nilima Kunja Community

Production & Distribution:
Noirealist Films


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