Monthly Archives: July 2011

I Guess, You Will Linger?

I have seen love from afar;
I have seen it hard by.
I have seen it flower;
I have seen it die.
I have seen myself smile with it;
I have also seen him cry.
It has made me speak truths
And made me lie.
Henchard felt it’s useless to live
When Lucetta left him that night.
I would I held her hand then
Before her flight.
Though I wasn’t leaving on a jet plane,
I could have kissed her that night.
I would have… I would have….
To dream now is a fight!

Those fragrant, fleecy hands,
When touched my nose,
Gave and now, too, give me nine lives;
But, where it now goes?
I love her;
For, at night it daylight shows.
The bull’s eye! Who cares?
Just arrows and bows.
Like a man tethered to several points I move
As she, in the love-river, flows.
I could have whispered in her ear,
“You are here; I’m not morose.
I guess, you will linger?”
In her eyes dubiousness glows!