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The Top Floor (Short Film)


A man, quite listlessly clambers up the flight of steps of his own apartment. He feels alienated in his own environs – a crucial product of the so-called complacent city-life. He even thinks, with doubt, which door-bell to press. Note the absurdity in the fact that he has to press his door-bell to enter into his own room. He enters into his own room stealthily, like a thief. There he encounters a person sitting who seems to be similar to him from different angles, apparently. But, the stranger’s voice has a tone of neglected appeal, though the voice may be the same as of the first person. After that follows a series, though a few, of events and dialogues that tell upon the entrant’s mind. He is stunned to see his own self in a different disguise and in a different form altogether. Will he realize how far he has gone away from his own self during all these years he has been living in this city of dreams? Also there is a zooming in of the camera on the switchboard where once one switch is switched on and the next moment it’s off. The main character does not notice it, as usual. It is as if God hides things from us by putting them just around us and everything has not the satisfactory explanation, howsoever.